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LookNow.ca Features

Search Engine Optimized
  • Looknow.ca is designed to help you get optimal positioning in search engine.
  • Each page you create has URL which included your page name so that all of your web pages are properly labeled and searchable by search engines.
  • Looknow.ca also features a simple description field for you to enter website title, site description and key words to properly categorize your website for search engines.
  • Unlike other website solution which prevents search engines from visiting your website and properly indexing your web pages, Looknow.ca allows your website to be fully recognized by the search engines.
  • Build your website with Looknow.ca and enjoy the excitement of watching your website traffic increase.
Easy Content Management
  • Updating website is fast and easy with Looknow.ca. Over the years we have continuously upgraded our CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to take full control over your website without all the headache of managing hosting control panels, FTP and even HTML.
  • Once you create an account you’ll be able to instantly log into your website CMS with your admin login information. Our simple and to the point admin menu allow you to instantly gives you access to functions for managing your website.
  • Our Wysiwyg Editor (What you see is what you get) is easy to use and highly versatile. You can create dynamic web pages with images, edited text and tables without using any HTML. If you know how to type then you are ready to be your own webmaster with Looknow.ca
Personalized Templates
  • From adding your logo to website banners to selecting that perfect color for your web page content, you can fully personalize your website using our website templates. Unlike other website templates which often severely limit your creative freedom, Looknow.ca template offers you control and freedom.
  • For a truly one of a kind website with all of the powerful features of Looknow.ca, for nominal fee we can even design a unique individual website template just for you! Simply provide us with the website template design and we will create a fully functional website template that is built just for you.
  • Looknow.ca is a great tool for website designers who wish to offer their clients a unique personalized website combined with ability to add and update the website using our technology award nominated CMS.
Training & Support
  • Expert help is a big benefit of Looknow.ca. From attaching your personalized domain name to your website, setting up your emails or checking emails on the road with webmail, Looknow.ca will provide you with friendly support you need. Our email support is handled by highly trained professionals who understand Looknow.ca and is ready to answer your questions.
  • If you require in-depth training and support you can even book a training session with our expert staff for a small fee. Group training and onsite training are also available.
  • At Looknow.ca we believe that powerful tools are only good if the user truly understands how to use the tools. You will never be left alone with our client-first approach to customer care and our dedication to proving unparalleled support.
Free Hosting & Emails
  • Looknow.ca is your all inclusive professional web solution. Your monthly fee includes free website hosting, bandwidth as well as emails and web mail. This way you don’t have to worry about building your website and worrying about finding the right hosting package which is compatible with your website.
  • Simple & Smart web solution. Look now and see the difference.
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